012 About


012 Global was established in February 2009 to offer a variety of VoIP services to the global telecom market, we are a growth-oriented company offering a wide range of advanced services. Our services include internet protocol solutions with a suite of value-added services for the private sector and new innovative services for the business sector. Our voice services include outgoing and incoming international telephony, pin less dial, virtual world and local numbers and calling card services. Our business solutions includes boutique wholesale termination & origination, tailor made systems development such as IVR platforms, callback, auto dialers and local telephony via voice over IP. Being growth-oriented, we continually focus on introducing new services that allow increased penetration into the market segments where we currently operate, and access to new market segments. 012 Global is constantly developing an open source solution that provides the right cost effective edge for small and medium businesses and VoIP solutions that integrate the challenging task of Voice & Data management. Our solution will operate on a very simple architecture – with a single protocol and a single source for provisioning new services. To enlarge our customer base and increase penetration into new and existing markets, we plan to continue cross-selling of services and leveraging of advanced technologies to broaden our service offerings. By offering multiple complementary services, such as VoIP service, we are able to provide greater pricing flexibility and provide our customers a real cost-effective One Stop Shop for all their IT and telecommunication needs.