• Call with APP

      • The fastest and most convince way to call from your smartphone. No pin numbers needed, you can dial directly from your contact list or the dial pad.
        Just download and install the 012global App from the App store or the Play store.

    • Call with ACCESS NUMBER

      • You can use it from any phone by calling any 012global local access number in more than 50 countries and 579 cities worldwide! Just choose the best access number for your needs. ACCESS NUMBER LOCATOR


    • A number in the city or state you are located which allows you to make an international call to one of our free destinations by making just a local call.


    • 012Global offers a high quality cheap international calling service that can be used from any phone.it doesn’t matter if you have a smartphone, landline or even office phone, you can still make very cheap high quality international phone calls to your friends and family all.


    • A monthly calling plan that allow you to call specific amount of minutes per month or Unlimited to some destinations according to your specific plan which will be auto – renew every month.


    • This type of plan also known as “Pay as you Go”, you add credit to your account that will be deducted according to the per minute cost only when you actually use the service.


    • A private local phone number in the city or state you want to receive calls from. For example, I am a Brazilian that lives in the USA and want my family in Rio to be able to call me via a local call. With this feature I get a local Rio number that is forwarded to my local USA cell phone and all my friends & Family can call me from Rio in the most convinced way and with a cost of a local call for them.


    • A private global six (6) digits extension number that allow you to receive calls from any city or country around the world that we have a local access number in.
      For example, I am a Brazilian that lives in the USA and want my family in Rio to be able to call me via a local call and my friends from Sau Paulo too. With this feature my family can call the Rio access number plus my global number and my friends can call the Sau Paulo access number plus my global number. Once they will enter my personal “global number”, the call will be forwarded to my local USA cell or home phone with a cost of a local call for them.


    • The free destinations that are included in the specific calling plan.
      For example - Unlimited calls to UK, CA, US & IL landlines for a personal use.


    • Our amazing smart phone App for smartphones is the easiest way to make international calls and use the service. After you download and install the relevant App for IOS or Android, you can call directly from your App contact list or the dial pad, create your favorite destinations and even login to your account. Please make sure that you are using the right mobile app access number and verify with your local telephone provider what the cost to call the specific access number is.


    • This feature allow you to configure in advance up to 100 local phone numbers that will be forward automatically to your favorite international destinations when you call them from your phone or from any other phone number that is registered under your account. By using this service you don’t need to use any access number when you call any of these specific destinations.


    • Our solution enables the transfer of small amounts of prepaid mobile credits, across borders-anytime, anywhere. It’s the best and most reliable way to top-up Mobiles instantly with 400+ operators in 100+ countries.

  • CDR

    • You can check the history of all the calls that were made using your account for the last 30 days. Just login to your account and click the Call history tab.


    • List of phone numbers that are listed in your account and frequently used to call international destinations. This feature allows our system to recognize your phone number and enables you to bypass the step of entering the PIN #.


    • In pre-paid “pay as you go” plans the credit on your account can automatically be refilled (top-up) when it reaches below a certain amount (top-up trigger) to avoid running out of credit.